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By appointing one registered tax agent to handle both your SMSF Audit and SMSF Annual Return, you’ll ensure your fund is not running afoul of ATO regulations and not accumulating costly taxes or penalties.

Is Your SMSF Audit in Good Order?

Etax Local is highly qualified to conduct SMSF audits and annual tax returns. Our team are tax experts and we collaborate with the leading SMSF experts in Australia. Because we are an experienced tax agent focused on individuals and small business, we are able to provide expert service to Australians at very reasonable fees.

Why do an SMSF Audit?

An annual audit of your SMSF is compulsory requirement of the ATO.

Each year, the SMSF Auditor must provide an SMSF audit report to the trustee by at least the day before the SMSF is required to lodge its SMSF Annual Return with the ATO.

The trustee of every SMSF is required (by the ATO) to appoint an independent SMSF Auditor who will audit your Self-Managed Super Fund every year. An SMSF Auditor reviews your fund’s financial statements and ensures your fund complies with the many laws that govern SMSF management.

For an SMSF Auditor to do their job, you’ll need to give them detailed information about your accounts and transactions.

It’s best to talk with your auditor (and provide your financial documents to them) about 60 days before your SMSF Annual Return is due, so there’s time to get the audit done and then to prepare your SMSF Tax Return before the due date.

To arrange an SMSF Audit or just chat about your SMSF, feel free to give us a call. We have friendly, highly-qualified tax experts who are happy to talk with you. (No obligation, no strings attached.)

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