Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Etax Local

Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions about Etax Local

1. What’s the difference – Etax vs Etax Local?

Let’s compare…

Etax Local (this website)

  • for small business and individuals
  • expert tax help by phone, in person etc.
  • small business tax agent and accounting services incl. company, trust and partnership tax returns, SMSF audits and tax returns, accounting and bookkeeping
  • a more personalised service – you can have direct contact via an Etax Local Member
  • Etax Local clients login here
  • 1300 174 689

Etax (

  • for individual taxpayers
  • do your taxes online right now
  • includes tax agent advice; your return is checked by two expert accountants (that’s why 70% of Australians use a tax agent rather than going direct to the ATO)
  • a fast, easy ‘DIY’ online service – low fees and expert advice
  • Etax clients login here
  • start a new Etax tax return
  • 1300 693 829 (1300 MY ETAX)

2. Does Etax mean ‘ATO’?

It means three things:

  1. (Etax Accountants) is an online tax agent service that we started in 1998. It’s Australia’s favourite online tax return – fast and easy. About 70% of Australians use a tax agent service like Etax Accountants.
  2. Etax Local (this page) is different; a sister business to Etax Accountants.  Etax Local is for small business or people who want more personal contact about their taxes.
  3. The ATO provides free software called e-Tax. That’s for people who want to self-prepare and self-lodge a tax return directly to the ATO, without the security and advantages of using a tax agent. It is used by about 25% of Australians. Not really online, it is software you download from the ATO, install on one computer, then you run it and enter details page-by-page, sometimes over 100 pages.

3. My small business accounts are in order. Can I just send my files and let you do the taxes?

In a word, yes! Simply get in touch and we’ll send you a password and login’s for our client portal. You can then upload your documents, communicate with our accountants and even sign your returns electronically. It’s really that simple.

4. My small business accounts are a bit of a mess and I haven’t kept up. Sometimes it stresses me out. What can I do?

Don’t worry, just ring us to get things moving! 

We’re happy to help you bring your bookkeeping and taxes up to date.

It’s a great feeling once your books are tidied up and you know the ATO isn’t waiting for you with another amount owing.

We work with expert bookkeepers and our tax accounting team is top-notch. We help hundreds of small businesses get their books in order.

Even if there’s a lot of tax owing, we can usually help arrange painless payments and get things on track.

5. What do I need to get ready for my taxes?

You will need your Tax File Number, Group Certificates, interest statements, dividends, other income and details of your deductions. See our tax document checklists for more a more detailed description of what you should bring.

6. Is there an Etax Local Member nearby to help me?

Yes! Just ring us on 1300 174 689 – we’ll be happy to find the best person to help with your taxes.

7. Will an accountant check my tax return before it is lodged?

Yes. In fact, TWO highly-qualified accountants check every tax return before it is lodged with the Australian Taxation Office. If we require further information, we will contact you via email before lodgment.

8. Can I lodge my first return with Etax Local?

Yes, you are able to lodge your first return with Etax Local. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you are uncertain about what you need to lodge your first tax return.

9. Can I lodge tax returns from previous years?

Yes – your Etax Local Member can help you complete tax returns from earlier years and, in some cases, we can help minimise the ATO penalties you might face for a late return.

Do you have another question?

No trouble – just ring us on 1300 174 689.