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Your peace of mind lies in our secure client portal

Etax Local Client Portal with Live Chat


As the sister business of Australia’s favourite online tax return business (Etax Accountants), Etax Local understand the importance a client portal plays in keeping client information secure, while still keeping it easily accessible for clients.


So, with 30 years of experience of providing online tax and accounting services, Etax Local developed their systems to include a secure client portal, protected by the same SSL encryption used by banks.

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  • Accessible from anywhere, any time, on any device
  • No need to mail, email or fax sensitive information
  • Enter private personal details directly into your profile
  • Upload documents directly to your jobs, helping you keep organised
  • Store documents for up to 10 years
  • View and sign tax returns electronically
  • Communicate directly with the accountant looking after your jobs via ‘my messages’
  • Monitor the progress of each job

Etax Local Client Portal Live Chat NEW FEATURE – Live Chat

Do you have a question for an accountant or need to clarify whether you can or can’t claim a deduction? The client portal now makes that even easier!


During AEST office hours, you can now use Live Chat when you’re logged into the client portal.

Simply click on the pop up chat window at the bottom right of the screen and type your question. One of our friendly accountants will quickly reply with whatever it is you need.  When you’re done, your chat with our accountant will be saved as a message in the job it’s related to so you always have it on record, should you need to refer back to it later.


Need to add a receipt for your deductions? Just take a photo and upload it to the client portal directly from your phone!

Need to add a receipt for your deductions? Just take a photo and upload it to the client portal directly from your phone!

Simple, secure and convenient


By using the client portal you do not need to fax or email sensitive information or personal details, such as your tax file number and financial records. This ensures these and other important records remain private. A unique username and password is provided when you engage Etax Local.


The client portal makes taking control of your accounting needs and tax returns far easier.

1.  No appointments necessary – unless you want them – leaving you more time to concentrate on your business.

2.  No time restraints: access is 24 hours, 365 days a year. Review and sign your tax return while you sip your late night cocoa if you like!


Why shouldn’t I just use email?


Fraud and identity theft have increased dramatically over the last decade and email accounts are increasingly more vulnerable.

Unfortunately, it’s also become commonplace for us all to send valuable or private information via email without really thinking about the consequences of that information being intercepted.

Time and time again we hear stories of security breaches reported by large email providers and we’d rather you didn’t need to risk the safety of your documents by needing to send them via email.

It’s important to make sure you know where your details are going, how they’re going to get where you’re sending them and how secure both the process and final destination are. 


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Watch our video to see the functions of the client portal and find out a little more about how Etax Local and the portal can help you.

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