Early Tax Returns

Etax Local can look after your early tax returns

Do you want to lodge an early tax return for 2018? If you’re eligible, Etax Local can help you.

Early tax returns are generally only available to a select group of taxpayers. Are you leaving Australia prior to 01 July? Will you earn no further Australian income between now and 30 June 2018? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you might be eligible to lodge your 2018 tax return early.

Read on below to see if you fit into one of the two special cases for early lodgement:

Early Tax Returns: Can I lodge my 2018 tax return before, 01 July 2018?

In most cases, the ATO will only accept lodgement of 2018 tax returns after 01 July 2018.

Early tax returns can be lodged before 01 July only in two special cases:

1.  You are a foreign resident for tax purposes and

  • You’re leaving Australia permanently
  • You’ll no longer receive Australian income (other than interest or dividends)

2.  You are an Australian resident for tax purposes and:

  • Are leaving Australia
  • Will no longer be an Australian resident for tax purposes
  • Will no longer receive Australian income (other than interest or dividends)

If you fall into the above categories and you want to lodge your 2018 tax return early, then we can help! Simply fill in the contact us form below and one of our individual tax specialists will contact you to discuss your situation.

Am I still able to do prior year tax returns with Etax Local as well?

Definitely! At Etax Local we can prepare and lodge Individual Tax Returns from 2001 onwards! And, in most cases it’s easier than you think to get up to date!

Just collect whatever income and payment information you have from the outstanding year and get in contact with us. Missing an old Payment Summary? Don’t worry! In most instances the ATO will also have a record of this information, so we can contact them on your behalf to request it, if you no longer have access to that information.

What do I need to get started?

  • Tax File Number
  • Payment Details from Employer
  • Bank Details
  • Deductions/Work Related Expenses
  • Any other income earned details

Not sure about a particular item or whether you can claim a particular deduction? Don’t worry!

Our accountants will review your return twice before lodgement and will clarify anything they (or you) are unsure about.

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