Small Business Start Up: Helping you get it right

Etax Local helping with your small business start up

Etax Local takes the gamble out of starting your new business. Get the advice you need for your small business start up

So – you have a great business idea and developed a good business plan. The  finances are organised and everything else is lined up and ready to go. Now it’s finally time to get started and set up your business. However, a small business start up can be confusing if you’re not sure what you’re doing

How can we help you?

Etax Local provide down-to-earth, practical advice on all aspects of your small business start up. Your tax specialist makes sure you understand your tax, financial and insurance situation and how to budget for the future, preparing you for business and financial success.
Etax Local Small Business Start Up

Stress and uncertainty are common for new business owners. Etax Local takes the time to make sure you are confident about your first steps.

Beyond the initial start-up of your business, we can continue to support you as much or as little as you need. For instance, you may initially need help with your company tax return, and then perhaps later you’ll need assistance preparing Business Activity Statements. As your business grows, you might need a trusted expert to help manage your financial obligations, payroll and assets more effectively. Etax Local can help at every stage.

A new business involves risks and dangers. Etax Local will help you be prepared for the numerous challenges and opportunities that arise along the way.

At Etax Local we can offer small business start-up advice on critical business topics like:

  • How to register your business and get an ABN
  • How and when to register for GST
  • How to register for PAYG
  • How to determine what type of business it will be; sole trader, company…
  • Best practice for preparing Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Determine: What your business’s tax obligations are.
  • Strategies to minimise taxes
  • Outline how to manage your accounts and record keeping
  • How to protect your assets in case things don’t go as planned
  • How to organise your payroll and super obligations

Start your business on the right foot.

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