Our People

Our People - Etax Local

Over the last 35 years our people have lodged over 700,000 tax returns on behalf of Australian taxpayers.


Etax Local Accountants Pty Ltd is a registered tax agent authorised to lodge tax returns electronically to the Australian Tax Office. Unlike many tax agents, we are also a fully-accredited accounting firm qualified to give high-level tax and business advice.

Our senior accounting staff and management includes CPA- and CA-qualified accountants who directly manage the accounting team review tax work entered by our staff and members. The high level of training and experience held by many of our senior accountants places our team at the forefront of tax accounting in Australia.

Also working at the front of their field is our IT team. Maintaining an online system, including a secure client portal and cloud based processing system with so many users, while also upgrading and improving the system every year, is no small feat!

Etax Local is part of the Griffin Group Accountants family of businesses, a Certified Practising Accountants firm.

We are proud partners and supporters of the Institute of Public Accountants and we’re grateful for the support of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.


A message from our CEO

“Over the past 10 years I have enjoyed mentoring many accountants aspiring to excel in Public Practice. We’re now building a team of hundreds of accountants, bookkeepers and tax agents serving clients across Australia.

“Small business clients seek reliable, trusted, honest support. The Etax Local team delivers on that with prompt, high-quality tax and accounting services. Each member of our team is supported by expert supervision and review of every job via our head office.

“It gives me great pleasure to see people pursue our profession with passion and integrity to become distinguished, humble members of the accounting community.”

Directors’ Profiles

Don Griffin


don griffin


CEO, Etax Local
CEO, Etax Accountants
Principal, Griffin Group Accountants
Director, DPA Property Group

Academic Qualifications

B Bus,
Dip Fin Planning,
G. Dip Journalism


As CEO of Etax Local Accountants as well as Etax Accountants and Griffin Group Accountants, Don helps to drive innovation in the accounting industry with the continual development of ‘cloud’ based accounting systems which use web technology to improve and streamline the delivery of financial services.

The founder and director of numerous accounting businesses around Australia, Don has more than 35 years’ experience. Throughout this time Don has worked with countless accounting and bookkeeping professionals – from those just starting out in the industry to those CPA and Public Accountants who have been in practise for as long as him.

Don commenced practise in 1978, quickly building a network of accounting offices throughout Queensland. A Certified Management Consultant, Don served as Chairman of the Queensland Government Consultants Advisory Committee for three years. Never one to rest on his laurels, Don frequently attends (and sometimes presents) at computing, taxation and accounting conferences across Australia.

Away from work, Don is committed to community involvement and for his role as the founder of the Lest We Forget Runs developed across Australia, Don received the Prime Minister’s Sport Recognition Award. A keen runner, Don was the first Australian to complete a marathon on all seven continents of the world and to date has completed over 50 full marathons – more than half of them at challenging international locations.

The Griffin family (wife Trish) and their five children (Scott, Kent, Alison, Diana and Natalie) are all qualified Accountants and are all directly involved in the Etax Local and Etax accounting businesses.

Don’s leadership promotes a benevolent attitude to clients. He is committed to delivering kind, calm and professional service while striving for to be at the forefront of accounting innovation both in technology and customer service. The result: Many clients and even some staff have been with the Griffin Group for 34 years and our main source of client growth and acquisition is by referrals from our thousands of satisfied clients.

Scott Griffin


scott griffin


Director, Etax Local
Director, Etax Accountants
Director, Accounts Etcetera Bookkeeping
Director, Red Heart Ride
Director, The Australian Voices

Academic Qualifications

MBA (Harvard),
LLB (Taxation),
B Com (Accounting),
B Sc (Computer Science)
Member, Institute of Public Accountants


At the age of 18, Scott co-founded and developed Australia’s favourite online tax return company, www.etax.com.au. As a Registered Tax Agent, Public Accountant and a Member of the National Institute of Accountants, Scott brings a wealth of top-level accounting expertise he shares with all clients and accountants who use the Etax Local service.

Throughout his career, Scott has been involved in a range of ventures in management consulting, accounting, tax and IT. He is the founder Red Heart Ride (an Australian adventure tourism company). As well as Red Heart Ride, Scott also founded Abarcus (dynamic pricing software) and is the CEO of Accounts Etcetera – one of Brisbane’s largest bookkeeping firms.

Scott has extensive experience with a range of local and international organisations. His employment with the Sydney Symphony, the Boston Consulting Group and the Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation has given him a range of skills and management experience he uses with Etax Local every day.

An academic high achiever, Scott received the Bill Clendenin Memorial Award Scholarship to Harvard University and the Macquarie Bank Graduate Management Scholarship. Scott is also an active member in the not-for-profit sector as the Executive Producer of Australia’s leading vocal ensemble The Australian Voices.

Kent Griffin


kent griffin


Director, Etax Local
Director, Etax Accountants



Academic Qualifications

B Com (Accounting),
B Sc (Computer Science)




As the co-founder and Director of both Etax Local Accountants and Etax Accountants, Kent developed the original cloud-based software that each business relies on today.

Responsible for all areas of IT within Etax Local, Kent pushes out the latest technologies to ensure Etax companies remain at the forefront of development in the Australian accounting industry.

Kent has been involved in the Information Technology sector for more than 17 years. During this time Kent has held various leadership positions including the IT advisory division at KPMG.

Under his leadership, Etax Accountants has developed into the industry leader in the online tax industry in innovation, usability and security. Through the use of PKI digital signature technology and SSL online security, Etax Local earns the trust and confidence of clients using the Etax Local cloud based technology.

Kent is a top-skilled senior manager and director who works across all areas of our operations.